·       Integrated Composites Laboratory (ICL) has installed Surface Area & Pore Size Analyzer (Quantachrome Nova 2200e). The instrument is dedicated to surface areas and pore size distributions measurements for both the pellets and powers. The instrument is conjunction of a PC equipped with NovaWin software, which controls most functions of the instrument.

·       ICL has installed one PNA-L Network Analyzer with two different sample configurations (coaxial and wave guide) at a working frequency swept from 200 MHz to 20 GHz. Several different measurement modes can be applied and both the relative permittivity and permeability can be recorded.

·       ICL has installed one Micro-scale Combustion Calorimeter.

·       ICL has installed one UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer (Model V-670) and one Spectrofluorometer (Model: FP-8300) from JASCO.

·       ICL has installed the ADMET eXpert 2610 universal testing machine with MTESTQuattro testing. The system is configured with tensile grips, compression platens, and a bend fixture to enable tensile, compression, flexture and cyclic testing.

·       ICL has installed the pervaporation system aiming to test our polymer nanocomposites as membranes for physicochemcial separation.

·       ICL has installed an alternative electromagnet (Model - EM4-HVA H-Yoke, Variable Gap, Horizontal Field, 100 mm (4 inch) Pole Diameter Electromagnet).

·       ICL has installed an electrochemical system (VersaSTAT 4, Princeton Applied Research)

·       ICL has installed a set of four-point probe (8 in. Capacity Contact Probe Test Station) and a multimeter (Keithley model 2400) for the electric conductivity measurement.



Ø  Dr. Podlaha’s Visit in February 2014


Ø  Dr. Colorado’s Visit in February 2014


Ø  Dr. Cao’s Visit in October 2013


Ø  Dr. Liu’s Visit in October 2013


Ø  Dr. Leng’s Visit in October 2013


Ø  Dr. Zheng’s Visit in July 2013


Ø  Dr. Chen’s Visit in April 2013


Ø  Dr. Guo’s Lecture in the “National Polymer Processing Workshop” in December 2012


Ø  Annual AIChE Conference 2012


Ø  Dr. Lu and Dr. Feng’s Visit in October 2012


Ø  Dr. Cheng’s Visit in May 2012


Ø  Dr. Huang’s Visit in March 2012


Ø  Dr. Li’s invited talk in March 2012


Ø  International Polyolefins Conference 2012


Ø  67th Southwest Regional ACS Meeting 2011


Ø  Annual AIChE Conference 2011


Ø  Dr. Yan’s invited talk in August 2011


Ø  Dr. Guo’s service to the High School Students in July 2011


Ø  Dr. Freeman’s invited talk in Spring 2011


Ø  Dr. Bao’s visit in Spring 2011


Ø  International Polyolefins Conference 2011


Ø  Dr. Young’s invited talk in Fall 2010


Ø  American Society for Composites Technical Conference 2010


Ø  2010 AAAS-SWARM Division Annual Meeting


Ø  International Polyolefins Conference 2010


Ø   TMS Annual Conference 2010


Ø  Annual AIChE Conference 2010


Ø  Annual AIChE Conference 2009


Ø  Annual AIChE Conference 2008

Ø  TA Rheometer Installation

Ø  Dr. Sung and Dr. Willis’s visit



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