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Graduate Programs

    Lamar's Master of Science degree in Psychology prepares professionals for employment in business, industry or community mental health agencies. Two degrees offer specialized study in either Industrial/Organizational Psychology or in Community/Clinical Psychology. Both degrees provide a well-balanced blend of academics and practical experience. The professional acclaim of our graduates illustrates the merits of both programs.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

    The Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology integrates the traditional areas of psychology with the more contemporary areas of organizational development and analysis. Specialized course work includes test construction, community and industrial consultation, survey research, organizational development, program design and evaluation, personnel psychology and job analysis. Practicum experience places students in a variety of organizational and industrial working environments.View degree plan for Master of Science in I/O Psychology.

Community/Clinical Psychology

    In preparing professionals for community-based mental health services, the Master of Science in Community/Clinical Psychology includes training in therapy techniques for individuals, groups, and families. Curriculum also includes intellectual and personality assessment. Test construction, community consultation, therapy techniques and psychological assessment comprise specialized course work. Plus, a variety of community mental health settings provide useful experience for the practicum. Preparing students for child, adolescent and adult counseling and assessments.View degree plan for Master of Science in Community/Clinical Psychology.

Admission Requirements

    In addition to meeting the general admission requirement for the College of Graduate Studies, applicants must have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in psychology (24 semester hours) including courses in statistics and research methods. Applicants must also maintain a 2.5/4.0 undergraduate grade point average overall or 2.75/4.0 on the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work. Applicants with GRE scores less than 1000 (V+Q) are not usually accepted. International students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 600. View Admissions Information for Lamar University Warning this link will take you to another site.

Degree Requirements
Candidates for the Master of Psychology must meet all College of Graduate Studies general degree requirements plus the following:

  • Complete 42 hours of course work in psychology; nine hours of specialized psychology for the Community/Clinical degree program; six hours for the Industrial/Organizational degree program.
  • Pass a candidacy examination designed by the Psychology Department.
  • Complete one to three additional semester hours of 5000 level courses in an approved field of study.
  • Conclude a practicum of six semester hours for the Industrial/Organizational degree program or three semester hours for the Community/Clinical degree program.
  • Submit an acceptable thesis with a satisfactory performance on a final oral examination with a minimum of six semester hours in 6000 level courses.

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