Undergraduate Course Descriptions 
MEEN 2302 Dynamics
Kinematics of rigid bodies, kinetics of rigid bodies, work and energy, impulse and momentum.
The prerequisites are CVEN 2301 or equivalent, MATH 3435 or concurrent.

MEEN 2374 Thermodynamics I
Properties of a pure substance and equations of state for ideal and real gases will be introduced along with the concepts of work and heat transfer during a thermal process.  The first law of Thermodynamics will be presented and applied to a system and a control volume.  The second law of Thermodynamics as well as entropy transfer and generation will be discussed.  Basic concepts of thermodynamic cycles (including Carnot cycle) and thermal efficiency will be covered.
The prerequisites are PHYS 2425 and MATH 2414.

MEEN 3210 Measurements Lab
Theory and application of measurements with various instruments are treated. Topics include technical report writing, statistics, and data acquisition. Experiments involving pressure, temperature, speed, power, torque, frequency and flow measurements are conducted, documented and reported.
The Prerequisite are MEEN 3311 and MEEN 3380.

MEEN 3300 Design of Mechanisms
Introduction to the concepts associated with the design of machine elements. Kinematics in the analysis of mechanisms: centroids, velocities and accelerations in plane mechanisms; rolling and sliding in belts, chains and cams; gears in plane or epicyclic trains.
The prerequisites are MEEN 2302 and CVEN 2372.

MEEN 3310 Heat Transfer
Fundamental principles and theory of heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. Engineering applications and techniques, such as heat transfer from extended surfaces, and heat exchangers.
The prerequisites are MEEN 3311and MATH 3301.

MEEN 3311 Fluid Mechanics
Fluid flow concepts are presented through the derivation of the basic equations of mass, momentum, and energy equations and their applications to engineering problems.  Engineering aspects of flow measurements are covered.  Introduction of the use of Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) in engineering fluid mechanics is discussed.
The prerequisites are MEEN 2302, MEEN 2374, CVEN 2372 and MATH 3301.

MEEN 3320 Mechanical Design I
The design of machine components considering the design process, loads, stress, deflection and stiffness, material properties, failure theories, designing for static and fatigue life. A written and oral presentation of the conceptual design of a machine to meet a specified need is required.
The prerequisites are CVEN 2372 and MEEN 3350.
MEEN 3340 Engineering Analysis
Physical and mathematical aspects of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, and electrical systems are introduced. Analysis techniques for modeling the dynamic performance of lumped mass systems are presented and applied using a unified state-space representation. Both formal analytical and extensive computer methods are utilized for the determination of model response.
The prerequisites are MATH 3301and MEEN 3311.

MEEN 3350 CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)
An overview of simulation-based design, including 3-D parametric solids models and finite element analysis, and their applications in mechanical engineering. Course focuses on the modeling aspects of mechanical systems simulation in static stress and defection analysis.
The prerequisites are CVEN 2372 and MEEN 2302.
MEEN 3380 Thermodynamics II
Applications of thermodynamics principle and laws in power generation, propulsion and HVAC are introduced through concepts of vapor power cycles, air standard cycles, properties of gas mixtures, psychrometry, and thermodynamics of chemically reacting systems.  Design aspects of engineering thermodynamic are introduced through the assignments of open-ended problems and design projects.  State-of-the art software programs are introduced to solve the design problems and projects.
The prerequisites are MEEN 2374 and MATH 3301.

MEEN 4110 Seminar
Oral and written presentation and discussion of selected topics including those from current literature of fields related to mechanical engineering. Professional activities are encouraged.
There are no prerequisites.

MEEN 4310 Integrated Systems Design
The techniques of integrated systems design are treated. The student is required to utilize these techniques by performing a system design. The formation of teams is facilitated. Instruction in team dynamics is provided. Presentation of intermediate and final results by each team to the class is required followed by peer response.
The prerequisites are MEEN courses through third year and Senior standing.

MEEN 4313 Thermal Systems Design
Heat transfer study with emphasis on heat exchanger design, optimization of energy exchange, economics and design feasibility. A formal oral presentation of a written report is made by the individual to the class followed by questions and answers.
Prerequisite: MEEN 3310, 3340, and 3380.
MEEN 4316 Engineering Design Project
Student research projects are planned, scheduled, designed and evaluated. Experience is gained in the execution of an engineering project and a formal technical report is required.
The prerequisites are MEEN courses through third year and Senior standing.

MEEN 4317 Dynamic Systems Analysis
A continuation of MEEN 3340 with emphasis on simulation methods and computer techniques in solving engineering problems.
The prerequisites are MATH 3340 and MEEN 3350.

MEEN 4319 Materials Science
Lectures on atomic scale structures; crystal structures; point defects and diffusion; linear, planar and volume defects; non-crystalline and semi-crystalline materials; Laboratory experiments include tensile testing, hardness measurement, microstructure evaluation and heat treatment of steel and aluminum. Introduction to phase and IT diagrams.
The prerequisites are CVEN 2372, PHYS 2425, PHYS 2426, and CHEM 1411.

MEEN 4323 Mechanical Design II
Continuation of the design of machine components including the design of threaded fasteners and power screws, welded joints, mechanical springs, lubrication and sliding bearing, rolling-element bearings, spur gears, shafts, clutches and brakes, and miscellaneous power transmission components. Completion of the conceptual design begun in MEEN 3320 to include the addition of a power source, greater design detail in the elements, economic aspects of the design, and other matters as appropriate. Both a report and a presentation are required. Team formation and the use of various engineering software packages are encouraged.
The prerequisite is MEEN 3320.
MEEN 4324 Fracture Mechanics
The class introduces the students to 1) effective finite element problem solving by demonstrating the use of the comprehensive ANSYS FEM Release 11 software in a series of step-by-step tutorials; and 2) the fundamental principles of fracture mechanics in mechanical design and engineering applications.
The prerequisites are CVEN 2372, MEEN 3320, and MEEN 3310.

MEEN 4350 Turbomachinery
Flow problems encountered in the design of water, gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and axial-flow pumps and compressors, aero-thermodynamic design of gas turbines.
The prerequisites are MEEN 3311 and MEEN 3380.

MEEN 4366 Manufacturing Analysis
Student Learning: 1) an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering. 2) an ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems. 3) an ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

MEEN 4368 Gas Turbine Heat Transfer & Cooling Technology
The importance and fundamental consideration of gas turbines heat transfer and cooling are introduced. Different aspects of internal cooling and film cooling technologies are discussed. State-of-the-art experimental design and numerical modeling related to gas turbines heat transfer and cooling are presented.
The prerequisites are MEEN 3310 and MEEN 3311.
MEEN 4369 Energy Conservation and Management
Fundamentals of energy conservation and management, energy audit procedure, energy conservation analysis, and technologies to improve energy efficiency.
The prerequisites are MEEN 3310 and MEEN 3380.
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