Master of Engineering (M.E.)
The Master of Engineering Degree is a non-thesis 36* semester hour program designed to suit the needs of the practicing engineer.

Basic Degree Requirements

  • Completion of three (3) core courses, from each of the three categories listed below, of a total of 9 semester hours. The core course categories and core courses are also listed in the University Catalog.
  • A minimum of nine elective courses of a total 27* semester hours. Additional core courses may satisfy part of this requirement.
  • Satisfactory completion of a final comprehensive examination.

Core Courses

  • Category 1: Mathematics/Statistics
  • MEEN 5304 Advanced Engineering Analysis
    INEN 5320 Statistical Decision Making for Engineers

  • Category 2: Optimization
  • MEEN 5312 Optimization of Thermal Systems
    INEN 5370 Operations Research

  • Category 3: Control/Simulation
  • MEEN 5326 Control of Mechanical Systems

Elective Courses (may vary each semester)

  • MEEN 5311 Energy Conversion Systems
  • MEEN 5315 Theory of Elasticity
  • MEEN 5321 Applied Numerical Analysis
  • MEEN 5322 Advanced Dynamics
  • MEEN 5326 Control of Mechanical Systems
  • MEEN 5350 Turbomachinery
  • MEEN 5335 Mechanical Vibrations
  • MEEN 5365 Advanced Materials Science
  • MEEN 5366 Manufacturing Analysis
  • MEEN 5389 CAD (Intro to 3-D Solids Modeling)
  • MEEN 6385 Advanced Stress Analysis
  • MEEN 6386 Microelectronics Packaging and Microsystems
  • MEEN 6387 Fracture and Fatigue of Solids
  • MEEN 6388 Advanced Finite Element Method
  • MEEN 6389 Computer-Aided Software Engineering
  • INEN 6373 Multi-Objective Optimization
  • INEN 5345 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • INEN 5312 Quality Improvement

* A graduate student who has passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination or a graduate student who is a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas (or registered in another state where requirements do not conflict with the provisions of the Texas Engineering Practice Act and are of a standard not lower than those specified in Section 12 of that Act) may satisfy course requirements by completing 24 semester hours of electives toward a total of 33 semester hours provided ENGR 6310 (Design Project) is included.

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