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The Honors Program of Lamar University is attentive to the goals and aspirations of Lamar’s high ability students, engaging these students both within and outside the University to facilitate achievement of their goals. 

The Honors Program offers enriched classes in most of the Core Curriculum of the University, upper-level interdisciplinary classes and seminars, enhanced classes in many majors, and opportunities for Independent Study, Honors Contracts and the Honors Thesis. In Honors, students enjoy smaller classes taught by some of the best professors Lamar has to offer. Lamar’s Honors students are encouraged and supported in the conduct of research and the publication and presentation of their work regionally and nationally. Students who complete one of two plans may become Honors Program Graduates.

The Honors Program has served the needs of Lamar’s intellectually gifted students since the mid-1960s. The program was inaugurated in the fall of 1963 and received a tremendous boost in 1976 with the first of many generous gifts from the McMaster family. Lamar’s University Honors Program now boasts an endowment of nearly $2 million dollars and offers financial support to students both in the form of McMaster Honors Scholarships as well as grants to facilitate student participation in research and other enriching educational experiences.

The Lamar University Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Great Plains Honors Council.

Our office is located at 1060 E Virginia, near the MLK intersection. Facilities include offices as well as a student lounge and seminar/conference room.

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