Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr.
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2006
M.A., University of Texas at Arlington, 1999
B.A., University of Texas at Arlington, 1996

Archer 200D
(409) 880-8510

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Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr., studies the cultural history of the early nineteenth-century United States with an emphasis on manliness, expansionism, and frontiers.  He has authored More Zeal Than Discretion: The Westward Adventures of Walter P. Lane (Texas A&M University Press, 2008) and is editor of the forthcoming The Martial Imagination: Essays in the Cultural History of American Warfare (Texas A&M University Press).  He is currently revising for publication his dissertation, "The American Elsewhere: Adventurism and Manliness in the Age of Expansion, 1814-1848."  Dr. Bryan teaches the American surveys as well as courses on U.S. cultural history, Texas, the West, and the Civil War.

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