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Departmental Overview

MISSION STATEMENT The Department of Health and Kinesiology develops and applies multi-disciplinary, global, and collaborative knowledge and skills to meet individual, educational, and community needs in the fields of health and kinesiology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department provides general education opportunities benefiting all students through lifetime fitness, wellness, and physical activity programs which enhance the quality of life. Professional programs for educator preparation and human development careers are offered in a positive and challenging environment utilizing appropriate theory, practice, research and service to promote health and active lifestyle principles. Specific professional health and kinesiology competencies produce effective leaders and managers who design and disseminate effective programs that enhance healthy behaviors and maximize human performance through physical activity within a culturally diverse world.

THE EXERCISE SCIENCE AND FITNESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM prepares the student for a career in corporate or community fitness, physical therapy, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, and athletic training. 

THE KINESIOLOGY TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAMS is designed to prepare professional educators who develop the skills necessary to promote lifetime fitness and wellness concepts in a school setting.

THE COMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAM prepares the student for a career in public, government, non-profit, and health agencies and organizations as well as corporate wellness.

ATHLETIC TRAINING refers an athlete to any number of other specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine specialists, neurologists, dentists, physical therapists, or even to another Athletic Trainer for a second opinion.

THE HEALTH MASTER’S PROGRAM is an in-depth examination of administering community health planning, implementation and evaluation. Sample topics include foundations, theory, development and evaluation, administration, epidemiology, and current issues in the health field. Click here for Assistantship Application.

THE KINESIOLOGY MASTER'S PROGRAM is an in-depth examination of current issues in exercise science, wellness, physical education and coaching. Topics include factors affecting human performance (i.e. cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary responses to exercise, enhancement drugs, training protocols, etc), societal issues (i.e. Title IX) and advanced pedagogical strategies for teaching and applying wellness education, physical education and coaching. Click here for Assistantship Application.