Graduate Council

Held on: April 28, 2010, 2:00 p.m.
Held at: Room 219D, Wimberly Bldg.

April 28, 2010
The Graduate Council of Lamar University met in Room 219D, Wimberly Building at 2:00 pm. Dr. Oney Fitzpatrick, Dean of Graduate Studies, presided. Drs. Culbertson, Moss, Saur, and Srinivasan attended. Drs. Blume and Crawford were excused. Dr. Victor Zaloom presented College of Engineering material and Dr. Bradley Mayer and Dr. Ann Watkins presented information for the College of Business.
Minutes of the March 2010 meeting were unanimously approved.

The Department of English and Modern Languages proposed Master of Arts in English degree plan received a letter of support from Dean Nichols. Discussion occurred, and the quorum was lost before a vote was able to be made. The issue is again tabled until the next meeting.

College of Business MBA & MSA dual degree program
The Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Accounting dual degree program was proposed. This option will only be available for Lamar students that finish both programs together. No transfer hours will be accepted, and a student may not enter the program after already completing either the MBA or MSA.

Department of Kinesiology proposed two tracks:
Track 1, 36 hour non-thesis program. Track 2, 30 hour thesis program.
Course additions were also submitted: HLTH 5332; KINT 5330, 5334, 5335, 5336, 5337, 5343, 5348, 5346, 5350, 5367, 5680. The two proposals along with the course additions were unanimously approved with Dr. Moss motioning and Dr. Saur seconding.

Industrial Engineering Course additions: INEN 5373 & 5358
Separate syllabi should be completed for both courses for the undergraduate course. Clarification of learning objectives should be modified. The inclusion of a thesis/dissertation topic being discussed in the course was a confusing point for all. The course additions will be returned to the department and resubmitted upon correction of the syllabi. Dr. Saur motioned, Dr. Srinivasan seconded, and this decision was unanimously approved.

College of Education Course Change EDUD 5365
The changing of the title for EDUD 5365 was unanimously approved. Dr. Moss motioned and Dr. Saur seconded.

College of Engineering Course Additions and Changes
MEEN 6385, 6386, 6387, and 6388 were unanimously approved with Dr. Srinivasan motioning and Dr. Culbertson seconding.

The change of course ENGR 6389 to MEEN 6389 did not have a syllabus included. It will be revisited with the submission of a syllabus.

An issue has arisen concerning Department Chairs serving on the Graduate Council. Dr. Fitzpatrick will consult with Dr. Doblin for more information.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

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