Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences: Faculty

Speech-Language Pathology

Monica L. Bellon-Harn, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Department Chair
Associate Professor
Phone: (409) 880-8174


  • 1995 Ph.D. Louisiana State University

    Board Certification/Licensure:

  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association
  • Licensure Number 100538 - State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


  • Language-Based Learning Disabilities in School-Age Children (graduate)
  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders (graduate)
  • Language and Phonological Disorders in Children (undergraduate)
  • Clinical Processes (undergraduate)

    Research Interests:

  • Intervention and assessment in preschool and school-age populations
  • Development of literacy and phonological awareness
  • Prosodic aspects of speech in children and adolescence with autism
  • Service delivery models

    Recent Publications:

  • Watson, G., & Bellon-Harn, M. (in press). Speech-Language Pathologist and General Educator Collaboration: A Model for Tier 2 Service Delivery. Intervention in School and Clinic.
  • Bellon-Harn, M., Credeur-Pampoina, M., & LeBoeuf, L. (2013). Scaffolded-language intervention: Speech production outcomes. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 34, 120-132.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. (2012). Dose frequency: Language outcomes in preschool children with language impairment. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 28, 225-240.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. (2011). Targeting receptive prosody: A case study of an adolescent. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 32, 109-117.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Kozlowski, A. (2008). ACT: Achievement through collaborative teaming. TEJAS, 31, 23-32.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Garrett, M. (2008). VISION: A model of cultural responsiveness for speech-language pathologists working in family partnerships. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 29,141-148.
  • Bellon-Harn, M. & Harn, W. (2008). Scaffolding strategies during repeated storybook reading: An extension 
using a voice output communication device. Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disorders, 23, 112-124.
  • Bellon-Harn, M., Harn, W., & Watson, G. (2007). Targeting prosody in an eight-year old child with high-functioning autism during an interactive approach to therapy. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 23, 153-174.