Communication Department LU Television

Lamar University Television

From newscasts to talk shows to soap operas, Lamar University's television programming runs the gamut - and it ís all student-created and student inspired. LU students produce a weekly 30-minute newscast, a light-news package bundled with a talk-show, and four unique student and faculty talk shows, all aired on local cable.

LUTV also supports C-SPAN and the SETCAST program, covering 222 governmental meetings for the Southeast Texas Regional Council of Governments. These public meetings are aired on local cable systems in Orange, Port Arthur and Beaumont. The program provides 10 full-time scholarships for Lamar television students.

The program emphasizes industry-standard equipment with a mix of linear and nonlinear editing equipment including Media 100, Final Cut Pro, Premiere 6.5, and Tech Toaster II, along with digital and tape-based cameras and 20 editing stations.

LUTV provides students with the opportunity to envision, write, create, direct, report, anchor and star in their own productions.