Bachelor of Science in Communication: Film Studies

Degree Plan

Lamar University film students have the opportunity to shoot 16mm film as well as digital formats during their course of study. The focus is on narrative film where concept and practical experience combine to help the student think visually, from the student's first silent film on Super 8, through a 16mm film with syncsound, to advanced digital video production projects.

Each student will produce a 15-20 minute thesis film, and by graduation will have produced at least a half dozen individual projects on film and digital video, with opportunity to have worked on many more. As with the broadcasting program, the film studies program allows freshmen to work with professional-level equipment, a rarity at other universities. Indeed, Lamar UniversityÝs film studies program is the only university-level motion picture program in southeast Texas.

Students in the film studies program move from introductory courses in film and audio production to courses in advanced film and video production techniques, advanced audio recording, scriptwriting, and digital film and video editing.

Another strength of the program lies in the its many film theory and analysis courses. Film theory and analysis courses include TV & Film Genre, Psychology of TV & Film, American Film Classics, Film Appreciation, European Film Classics, Film DirectorÝs Studies, American Cinema, and Film Theory.

All students are encouraged to produce films for the Spindletop/Lamar University Film Festival, a festival dedicated to independent and student film and video.

Majors in the program select 18 hours from film studies courses in addition to fulfilling the department's 30 hour core curriculum.