Department of Chemical Engineering

Rafael Tadmor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Lamar University , P. O. Box 10053
Beaumont TX 77710

Founder of Wet Scientific

Office: Room 3213, Cherry Building
Tel  (409) 880-7791
Fax (409) 880-2197
Positions Available

Research Projects :

Wetting / Dewetting phenomena
Forces between surfaces
Viscosity of confined liquids
Forces in biological systems

Companies Established

Wet Scientific is a company that manufactures and sells scientific equipment that emanates from studies at the Dr. Tadmor's laboratory. Check it for cutting edge and yet affordable scientific equipment related to wetting phenomena.

In relation to the above, Check these

Water Tribolgy on Graphene
Marangoni effect
Polymer Physics: forces between surfaces with non-adsorbed; adsorbed and end grafted polymers
Wetting Phenomena
Biophysics and Bioengineering
Confined Liquid Crystals
Ferro Fluids
Gelation and Gelmelting-Microfibrils
Surfactant coated Surfaces
Van der Waals Forces
How can separations be measured with Angstrom resolution?
Air Quality and atmospheric reactions

Tadmor's Group members

PhD Students
Arnab Baksi
Priyanka Wasnik
Robert White (Bobby)

Doctoral Student

Hartmann E. N’guessan

Past Students

Popular Section, Pictures, and Videos

Popular Section:

A number of popular-science articles were published about the Tadmor group. Primarily about the Centrifugal Adhesion Balance (CAB) instrument, and some of the major discoveries it enabled, such as the fact that pendant drops (hanging from the surface) require more force to slide on the surface than sessile drops (resting on the surface), and the peculiar way in which the force required to slide drops varies with the normal force. These discoveries made stories in:

Physical Review Focus
Physics Today
And Here
Physics World
Tribology & Lubrication Technology
Lamar University Press
C&EN (needs a password) just to name a few.
The study was also covered in the local news at Lamar
and in other local media such as Guidry News
and in the Beaumont Enterprise

Awards and Honours





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