Department of Chemical Engineering


   Dr. Kuyen Li
    Professor,  Dept. of Chemical Engineering

    B.S. (Ch.E.)  Cheng Kung University , Taiwan
    M.S.(Ch.E.)  Cheng Kung University , Taiwan
    Ph.D. (Ch.E.)  Mississippi  State University

    Areas Of Expertise
Air pollution control by advanced oxidation
Advanced remediation methods for contaminated soil and sludge
Industrial Wastewater treatment by Biological and advanced oxidation method

    Active Research Projects
Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in soil matrices
Biological  Treat ability study of wastewater from an Adipic Acid plant
Treatment of a Groundwater Contaminated with Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Development of a High Efficiency Photo catalytic reactor for Air Quality Control

    Illustrative Papers/Presentations
Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated with Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, 4th International
    Symposium of  Chemical Oxidation Technology  for the Nineties
Field Test and Mathematical Modeling of Bioremediation Of an Oil-Contaminated soil
Water-soil Model Predicts Best Ratio for Cleanup
Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Soil Matrices
Bioremediation of Oil-Contaminated Soil - A Rate Model
Kinetic Study of UV Peroxidation of Bis (2 - Chloroethyl) Ether in Aqueous Solution
Oxygen Transfer Limitation in a Respirometer
TiO2 Photo catalytic Oxidation of Toluene and PCE  Vapor in the Air

    Contact Information
             Phone: (409)-880-8789
             Fax:     (409)-880-2197


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