Department of Chemical Engineering
    Jack R.Hopper, P.E., Ph.D.
    Executive Assistant to the President for Economic Development &
    Industrial Relations
    Dean, College of Engineering
    Director, Texas Center for Technology Incubation (TCTI)
    Director, Texas Hazardous Waste Research Center (THWRC)
    B.S. (Ch.E.) Texas A&M University
    M.Ch.E. University Of Delaware
    Ph.D. (Ch.E.)  Louisiana State University

   Areas Of Expertise
      Kinetics, Catalysis and reaction engineering
      Pollution prevention and waste minimization by process modifications
      Petroleum refining processes and chemical processes
      Process simulation with Reaction kinetics and reactor design
    Active Research Projects
      Pollution prevention and Waste Minimization by Process Modification
      Pollution Prevention by Process modification through Reactor Analysis
      Advanced Process Analysis for Pollution Prevention
      Transfer of Advanced Process Analysis Technology to the Chemical Industry

    Illustrative Papers/Presentations
      Waste Minimization by Process Modification
      Pollution Prevention through Reactor Analysis
      Three-Phase Catalytic Gas-Liquid Reactors: An Interactive Simulator
      Alkylation of Mixed Olefins with Isobutane in a Stratco Chemical Reactor
      Continuos lube Oil Additive Process: Waste Reduction by Process Modification and Control
      ASEE Gulf  Southwest Dow Outstanding Young Faculty
      Outstanding Alumni Award, Lee College
      Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

    Contact Information
          Phone: (409)-880-8785
          Fax:    (409)-880-8121

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