Department of Chemical Engineering
    Dr. David L. Cocke
    Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
    Jack M. Gill Endowed Chair of Chemical Engineerng
    Director of Fuel Cell and Energy Systems Center
    Areas Of Expertise
      Environmental Surface chemistry and catalysis
      Advanced materials
      Biomedical research and capillary electrophoresis
      Advanced electrochemistry and environmental sensors

    Active Research Projects
      Solidification / Stabilization
      Equilibrium Modeling of Aqueous Solutions
      Plasma Chemistry of Surfaces
      Laboratory and Field Scale Test Methodologies for Solidified / Stabilized Hazardous Wastes
      Non-Faradic Electrochemically Modified Environmental Catalysis for Hazardous Waste
        Management  -  New Environmentally Smart Catalysts

    Illustrative Papers/Presentations
      Electric Fields in Environmental Catalysis
      Potential of Modified Zirconium Oxide as Environmental Catalyst
      The Ettringite Formation in Large Volume Industrial By-products and Their Applications
        in S/S of Arsenate and Chromate
      Capillary Electrophoretic Study of Dibasic Acids of Different Structure - Relation to
        Separation of Oxidative Intermediates in Remediation
      Surface Properties Of Tetradecyltrimethylamoonium Bromide Observed by Capillary
      Adjunct Professor, Physics, TAMU
      Director of Analytical / Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory
      Member, American Chemical Society, Electrochemical Society, Society Of Applied
        Spectroscopy, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Materials Research Society,
        Coal Combustion Byproducts Utilization Group, AIChE
      Industrial Needs Workshop committee
      Chairman, Petro-Safe 1997, 1998

    Contact Information
            Phone: (409)-880-8372
            Fax :    (409)-880-8374

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